Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Old Friends

'Oh me, oh my, small fry.'

Not entirely random.
The way that I deal with unemployment on a personal level, is to make daily lists and work my way through them, this is also how I coped with post-natal depression and how I hope to cope with pre-mortem retirement.

But this morning's list has not being going well. A fair number of them involved the computer and another group involved ringing people. The computer kept locking up every few minutes - which I now firmly believe ... or..maybe weakly believe, had something to do with Facebook chat. And everyone I needed to phone didn't open until later, all except the lady in the States I had to call, fortuitously, wherever she works is a few hours ahead of us.

The friend I was attempting to chat to on Facebook, British Karen, I have known since before I was Holly's age, and I (really this time) do firmly believe that there is some kind of psychic connection involved in strong friendships. Karen told me that she was recently thinking about someone I haven't been in contact with for over thirty years, my French exchange partner and penfriend from when I was at Grammar school, and she contacted me through Facebook this week.
I was just stunned, both at getting in contact with Marie, and at the co-incidence.

On Saturday we did a lot of driving around, we rented kayaks from Jericho beach, saw our friend Christine, widow of Bruce who died this time last year, and who was launching the kayak that she and her daughter finished building, a project he started with that same daughter the year before he died.
Then over to Surrey to pick up Whisky.

And it seemed that the world and her love interest were having garage sales out on the pavement.
Like the opposite of spring cleaning, only the same in essence.
Clearing out the old, the unwanted, making room for the autumn, for when the doors close and we have to enjoy our indoor space before we fill it up again with the fruits of Christmas overspending.


Sleepy said...

Does the hound have his life-jacket?

Schneewittchen said...

Not yet, but I'm going to check out sizes later today. If we're not going to be taking the kayaks out much before the end of this season, it might be as well to wait until he's grown a bit and just not take him in them until then.

Sleepy said...

Start throwing him in the bath with Kev.
Never too early to practice doggy paddle.

Schneewittchen said...

Oh that doggie has been bathed in his own right :) Not a bad idea to get him to practise doggie paddle in the big bath though. Hmmm.

Sleepy said...

It's a good plan.
Get him used to being splashed and having water in his face.
Oh, and walk him somewhere he can get used to waves!
It's weird how many dogs love water then have a fecking breakdown when confronted with waves breaking on the shore.