Thursday, 3 September 2009

Of Pets and Other Animals

Whisky now has a life jacket. The label on it says, 'Outward Hound'. Har-di-har. I was channelling Sleepy, I know I was; I know what her inner Muzac is and it was playing in my head. Then I had a choice of colours and I was compelled to choose orange. See, that proves it.

A life jacket saved a small girl yesterday, when she was pulled off the dock where she was helping her dad, by a harbour seal. One of the commentators on the news article online suggested that the seals were rising up and getting their revenge for the clubbing.

Talking of clubbing, in Superstore, where Sleepy's personal Muzac was still playing in my head, I now of course, have to visit the pet aisle. I noticed that cat owners may purchase their moggies 'Frisky's party mix' just in case your cat needs to put out snacks when their friends come round presumably. On the packet was a picture of a cat who looked as though it had taken some kind of hallucinogen, surrounded by party streamers and such like.

This week has seen a number of delivery people coming to the house, bringing small items, and in one case, the essential piece of our vacuum cleaner that was recalled in May, ours went on the 5th May to be precise.
The actual postie came twice. He was enchanted by Whisky both times.
The Fed-Ex man said I was the first person he'd found at home. This struck me as being not too odd, since his job was to deliver parcels at a time when the majority of people are at work or school.
'That's good,' I said, 'must mean we're coming out of recession,' but I might as well have said something in French.
The Purolator man noticed I was English, and so regaled me with a list of places where he has relatives in England. Some pretty nice areas too.
When we were on Mayne Island in the summer, a man we met did that thing to Austen where you get asked if you know some specific person in the UK.

Last night we had an incredible storm. Thunder, lightning, pounding rain, it was fabulous. Today was a perfect day, warm enough, with skies that promised more excitement and indeed, once or twice it delivered. The soil stayed wet all day.


Sleepy said...

Yes! Orange very good choice.
Have to admit he does look cute!

Anonymous said...



Schneewittchen said...

Whisky is cute Bozo, but you're such a dog lover, I'm wondering whether there are any dogs you don't think are adorable.