Thursday, 24 September 2009


Today, I had my picture taken for the local rag. It will be incredibly cheesy, since there were photos from many angles, but all of me pretending to ignore a garter snake puppet, whilst peering over my specs at the camera. In the background, empty, stacked chairs, indicating the school programmes that won't happen on account of the funding cut - but mostly because of a much longer term problem.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I have been and will be, interviewing exceptional women to be my assistant. I hope to goodness I will be able to employ someone by Monday. Luckily, whoever she is, she will be exceptional.

Today, the weather was more bearable - not down to the promised 18, but 21 was doable. Meanwhile one colleague, huddles in an office with the door closed and an electric fire on. Oh, and wearing short sleeves - what's with that? If you are insanely cold, at least put on more clothes whilst helping to destroy the planet.

A bizarre news article here today, in which two polygamous men were not going to be prosecuted for polygamy. Their crime doesn't seem to be in any doubt, the police spent a lot of time investigating, and yet they are not going to be prosecuted for breaking the law. I can't get my head round this.
Two pervy old bollixes.

New TV continues unabated. It's like we hibernate, unable to miss anything, come home, shut the door, eat, watch TV. The opium of the people.

But before we did that this evening, I took the hound for a walk. He's getting to be quite the walker. As we rounded the corner, we saw a young man get out of a car that was parked facing one way, leaving another man in the car, and get into an expensive looking black, sleek car on the opposite side of the road, facing the other way. After a couple of minutes, he got out and got back in the first car, then the black, sleek one left.
I wonder what that was about.
Probably not the opium of the people, probably something else.

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