Wednesday, 16 September 2009


The first Amanitas of the season, well, the first ones I've seen, and I sought them out - I know where they grow.

After a summer of endless love, an autumn of mellow fruitlessness.

Back at work since Monday, what-ho! Things, however, are in a bit of a mess. The Province isn't giving us any funding, we're not doing winter programmes and maybe not even spring. Schools are pissed off. At present I have no assistant. The homepage of the website had two spelling mistakes, as did the leaflet which was changed from the one I produced. One snake has died, the other escaped.
And on, and on.

To fill the darkening evenings, TV programmes are beginning. Glee, Bones, Fringe - this last, newly moved to Vancouver to film.
And House, two hour opener. Instead of the now tired old alternative life in a coma (The superb 'Life on Mars' notwithstanding), we are going to have the doc in the loony bin.
On the downside, True Blood has finished. Poo. Double, triple poo.
Soon, there will be more TV recordings backed up than we can watch, we will become slaves to it.

I do love this whole season.

But in the wider picture, the UN has decided to set up a women's agency. Although there are currently four departments, they are all Cinderellas. The creation of a full agency gives them some clout.
I see this as hugely important. Although the countries where conditions for women are the worst are not part of the UN, it is the responsibility of the developed nations to prioritise women's issues. How can we expect others to change if we don't show how important it is to us?

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