Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cougar TV

Autumn! Here it is! And after tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to drop to a more autumnal setting.

Who needs more law dramas? Not me, that's for sure, except....'The Good Wife' turns out to be stonking.
And...I wonder where it's filmed?
Oh yeah, here.

We have the first episode of Britcom, 'Beautiful People', I loved that the two lads like to do things everyone does, like pretending to be Canadian. Yes, they spoke loudly in a generic North American accent about how things are in Vancouver, on today's TV, Vancouver is the new Toronto.

On last night's opening episode of the new series of 'How I Met Your Mother', Robin was wearing a Vancouver Canucks' jumper at a hockey game.
Ah, Vancougar.


Pep Cougar said...

Courtney Love has a new show out - Cougar Town, thought maybe you could pick up some tips ;). Jokes, I thought thats what you were going to talk about.

Kevin said...

Keep yer Cougars sorted!

Courtney Love: on-again-off-again substance abuser, widow of Kurt Cobain. Best known for falling over other people on televised award shows.

Courtney Cox: former Friends star, currently in Cougar Town (I think we have it recorded actually) and hoping for some sort of career comeback. Also known for appearing in a Bruce Sprinsteen vid for Dancing in the Dark.

Pep Cougar said...

O dear - I was working from second hand information, funny either way :)
Now say something about beer to assert your masculinity, Kev!

Kevin said...

I'm happy with how well aserted it is already, thanks. Besides, you'd just think it was creepy if I said anything REALLY good :)

Pep Cougar said...

I am going to have to applaud you Kevin, you did well with the banter and I actually giggled – not easy for a Canadian to do (have witty banter that is) and so well done, sir. 