Friday, 15 January 2010


It's hard to watch others suffer. It's even harder to watch someone who love in pain, even when that little someone is a pet. And it's hard to deal with the knowledge that you are responsible for that pain.

No-one is to blame for the earthquake that hit Haiti, even global warming doesn't account for earthquakes.
A group of teenagers, a school group from BC are there, and have been found alive. Their parents have asked that they should be put on the priority list for re-patriation. And of course they should, they're kids. But the parents' argument is that the kids have seen things that no human being should have to. Now this, to me, is downright insulting, The things that people are suffering and have suffered in Haiti are awful, truly awful, but the idea that no-one should see those things is just wrong. Those teenagers could gain so much from getting a real understanding of other people's suffering, that selfish feelings of entitlement have no currency when natural disasters happen.

On the radio yesterday, one of the Muslim leaders who issued a fatwa against the terrorists who attack westerners, was talking to a journo about why they had decided to issue it now. Then a second Muslim man came on, saying that there was no need to make these statements about Islam being peaceful because it was obvious.
The journo pointed out that someone wasn't getting it, since there were still terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims, then number two says that Islam has been peaceful for fifteen hundred years. Journo pointed out that this wasn't the case....
(Peace be upon him).

Here's someone I blame. The BC court have just over-ruled a local court who closed down a safe injection site in Vancouver. Seriously. What possible, POSSIBLE reason could anyone have for closing down a safe injection site? Utterly irresponsible behaviour by city officials, so it's a damn good thing that the BC court have overturned that tosspot ruling.

My friend is seriously pissed off with BA. Don't blame her. Not only are they more expensive than other airlines, and have made themselves even less attract a prospect by threatening strike action, but they now charge twenty squids for pre-booking a seat - free on Air Canada - AND...while my friend was away, they changed the number of bags you are allowed to have in the hold. So, you go with two bags, what the hell are you supposed to do with the other one when you return? Well, pat an additional forty squids for that it seems.
Someone needs their bottom smacked.


Sleepy said...

When the felines were de-bollocked I felt so guilty I hand-fed them prawns; they just licked the injured area and imagined all the places they would now crap and puke with impunity.

If Murff sees a prawn now he gets the hell outta Dodge!

We've all seen and experienced things no human should.
*Cliff Richard
*Brokeback Mountain
*Celine Dion with 42 teeth in her head.
*The French

We deal with these horrors, incorporate them into our existence and move the fuck along!

Schneewittchen said...

Yeah, I think one of the worst things is the cone to stop him licking and biting at the stitches. Poor little dog.

To add to the list of horrors no human should see:-
*Donald Trump
*The TV show 'Toddlers and Tiaras'