Sunday, 17 January 2010


Snow has fallen on the mountains. I'll settle for that. I'm not personally interested in the Olympics, but I'm glad they're happening. The idea of them being compromised through lack of snow doesn't sit well.

Whisky has been very out of sorts since his surgery on Friday. He is in pain from the stitches and site of the wound, and he is understandably unhappy with the cone collar he has to wear to stop him from biting his stitches. We had little sleep on Friday night, so on Saturday morning, we went back to the vet.
She gave us some extra painkillers.
'They are a like morphine, but not morphine, synthetic,' she said, 'but they're ok for him, in fact I've taken them myself,' rrrriiiiight.
He's making progress, but he's far from his own little self yet and won't have his stitches out for another week.

A series that we are watching is 'Ancients behaving badly'. It's badly presented to be honest, stylised cartoons suggesting horrific torture really doesn't do it justice. Plus, one of the presenters is good, really good, the other can't even pronounce 'Genghis Khan'. BUT...the subject matter is fascinating. Last week was Caligula. Thanks to Robert Graves and the BBC, most of us are pretty au fait with Gaius Caligula. But THIS week - Attila the Hun. Now there's a name we know, but I didn't know much about him. Now I do.
Dear God.

Four days until Alex arrives.


karemay said...

Ooh poor Whisky, I hope he is soon feeling better.

Schneewittchen said...

Thanks Karen, me too, hopefully when the stitches come out.

Sleepy said...

Vets here do a 2cm cut and pop the blighters out of the incision.
2 dissolving stitches. Ta Da!
On cats they don't even get a stitch.

I can't believe he was sporting football sized bollocks!

Schneewittchen said...

Yeah, I dunno why he couldn't have had dissolving stitches, seems like something that could have been avoided to me.

Sleepy said...

More Shekels for the return visit?

Schneewittchen said...

That would certainly explain it, except that the return visit is free. Even the visit to get the painkillers, I only had to pay for the actual doggie drugs, not the vet's time.

Kevin said...

Based on the story when I last needed stitches (years ago now) the standard was for dissovling when the stitches were covered or internal. Exposed or easy access would still be removable. I suppose they may be cheaper/stronger.