Friday, 22 January 2010


The eagles have landed. Ahead of time even - impressive. The dog is beside himself with canine energy - which is a definite improvement, but isn't enamouring him to Alex.

Today is 'Blog for Choice' day in the blogosphere. U.S. American bloggers are commemorating the landmark Roe v Wade case, decided on 22nd January 1973, which decision allowed American women the right to have an abortion for any reason up to the point where the foetus is viable.
Thirty seven years later, people are still trying to take reproductive rights away from individual women.
It is also the first day of the trial of the man who has confessed to murdering Dr. George Tiller, a doctor who upheld women's rights and improved their lives by providing legal, safe abortions.

And women have even fewer rights in Saudi Arabia - well, as we all know. But the case, reported by Feministing, of the Philippina woman who has been sentenced to 100 lashes for being raped, surely has to make the jaws of even the most hard line bigots drop. She couldn't be lashed whilst she was pregnant - which she was at the time of the rape and her subsequent imprisonment for being raped, but after miscarrying, she can now receive her punishment. Just to restate - FOR BEING RAPED.

My support for Choice, however, goes awry on reading the news story about the two young boys who tortured and humiliated two other young boys in the North of England. It doesn't bear thinking about, it is just so horrific and disgusting. No-one seems to ever challenge the right of every piece of human detritus to spawn.
My god.


Gail said...

An old roommate of mine had a great programme in mind - free cable television for life in exchange for voluntary sterilization.

my verification word? bredisee

Schneewittchen said...

This sounds like a very fair exchange!

Sleepy said...

I'm in!