Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Creepy tree, right?

Can't you artificially create a shortage of something by stockpiling? Well on the North Shore mountains, specifically Cypress Bowl, it seems they're rather short of snow - somewhat worrying since the Nordic ski events are supposed to be taking place there, but they, 'they' say it's ok, because they have some snow stockpiled. Imagine that, stockpiling snow.

I was amused to read, via Feministing, that States in the USA that have actual bans on same-sex marriage, have higher divorce rates. It's like - I know this means something, something that makes me want to guffaw, but...I can't quite get it, like something I can almost see out of the corner of my eye.
Oh, I've just found a good post on that.

Yesterday evening, I took the new skytrain line to downtown and it was brilliant! Considering all the freaking hassle of driving down there and finding and paying for parking, it was seriously stress-free, didn't cost much more than what I normally pay for parking and you got to walk to and from the station.


Sleepy said...

Has the Skytrain not got a hip and trendy nickname yet?

Schneewittchen said...

Yeah.....Skytrain.....that's it... or do you mean something more phallic? I mean it does go to Waterfront. Waterfront Wiener?
Oriental Express? Nah, I'm not sure we even do hip and trendy, I think we more do...laidback and fuck off.