Friday, 29 January 2010

Picture it....

....YVR, the 18th February 2010, around 15.00 ish...maybe a bit, standing in International Arrivals with my medium cup of Tim Horton's coffee, double milk. I finish my coffee and move seamlessly through the multi-cultural crowd to throw my empty cup into the 'garbage only' side of the recycling bin.

Suddenly, I spot a familiar figure, I try to start a Mexican wave amongst the assembled throng, but they think I'm just a bit loony, so I shout something loudly in French to confirm it.

'Sleepy!' I shout, in slow motion, 'SLEEEPEEEY'.
I run forward, but then I trip over and end up full length on the arrivals carpet of shame. (Clearly my coffee has been spiked).

Anyhoo, hopefully minus the eejit bit, this'll be roughly the scenario next month.
As Sleepy would say, 'I've got my grin on!'


Kevin said...

I'm gonna sign up now for pre-emptive liver transplant.

Gail said...


Sleepy said...


The grin is on now, in anticipation!