Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stolen Pic

Yes, this one, I shamelessly stole it from Facebook. What's she gonna do? Sue her own mother?
If all goes according to plan, she arrives in fourteen hours.

Whisky is making progress. Slow progress. It turns out his underbelly pain was not all caused by his....underbelly. The main part of it was caused by an extremely red raw rump. Which was caused by the squits, which were caused by the original painkillers. Fortunately, the fake morphine causes the opposite, so hopefully his little doggy bum will get better now.

Cam, in Modern Family and his spontaneously combusting flowers. I cried, and my ribs hurt.


Dawn said...

Oh, I wish Whisky well. And...have a WONDERFUL reunion with Alex.

Schneewittchen said...

Thanks Dawn :)

Sleepy said...

Enjoy your visit!

ps.. When do the 'lympics start?

Schneewittchen said...

Think it's the 12th Feb, and the Nordic ski venue is short of snow again.