Friday, 8 January 2010

Mysteries and Mistakes

Thank-you BBC via Kev for this astounding picture.

Ok, so it turns out last night was NOT the new moon - it's actually next week. That explains a lot.

You say, 'not having eagle-enough eyes,' I say, 'translocation.'
Mystery or mistake?

Thursday, just before twilight, twig-light, Twiglet, er anyway, I was throwing the ball for Whisky, on the tennis courts, when it suddenly disappeared, er, the ball that is, not the tennis court. I threw it, he ran after it, but he couldn't find it. I went over to where I`d thrown it and nor could I. The fencing around the tennis courts are too high to throw the ball over. It hadn`t gone underneath the fencing, and it`s bright pink, so very visible. I let us out and we walked round the outside, no sign. No other dogs or even people had gone past, complete mystery.
When I took him for his walk yesterday morning, I expected to find it, but no sign. We walked across the park, outside of the courts, quartering it, still no sign.
At lunchtime, I took another ball with us, but then walking back across the park, the same way we`d gone earlier, there it was, and accompanied by a golf ball. Mistake or mystery? I prefer mystery.

Definitely a mistake - I went to the dentist, expecting to come out with my tooth fully repaired, but what I have is a temporary crown and a very sore mouth. I mean VERY sore, couldn't concentrate on anything but the pain as soon as the injection started to fade. Luckily, I had some useful pink pills that someone gave me for a different pain, they have come in seriously handuy.

So maybe that was the message from the moon - thought it would be resolved today, won't be until next week.

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