Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I keep thinking it's Tuesday. And it is.

At writers' group last night, my friend had written a piece about how the meaning of the word 'fuck' has changed, it has lost its impact, its currency and its meaning. She did it well.
Another friend wanted our input on her story outline. This was quite an interesting exercise because instead of taking it in turns to critique, we all just word-stormed her with thoughts, ideas, whatever came into our heads.
Free form.
I've a feeling there's a sani-towel called that.

My son tells me that not only is there a Wii game of Curling, but that they have it. I find the idea of Curling amusing, I find the idea of taking it seriously as funny. And yet, people do and so I should just shut up and giggle nervously in my own corner. I did like the film about it though. "Men with Brooms'.

On a not-at-all amusing note, this post, which I came to via Feministing, was a fantastic read and made some from-the-heart points about rape and other violence against individuals.

Another article which I came to via the same route, but which is something I have been banging on about for some time, is about how few women there are on late night TV. And she doesn't even mention the ads, but if you do watch with a critical eye, you will see the tokenism there too.

And tonight I have another meeting, less fun I imagine. No food, no wine, no joking about.

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