Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Birds and Blossom

Cool. This tree is right outside my window. Expect more.

So...much has happened in my absence from the web. Pompey (the football team) are through to the finals of the FA cup. This is startling news. And Pompey (the city) had snow. And in April. And Boris Johnson, the most inept and startlingly stupid man on the planet may actually win the election to become mayor of London, against Red Ken, the only politician on the planet with integrity and who has done a brilliant job and made some bloody tough calls.
It's all quite insane.

Here in BC, more insane stuff. A Japanese student who had been snowboarding on Blackcomb, and missing for days, has been found. A woman came home to find that her three children's father had murdered them. How do you even comprehend that?

A friend from writers' group who is ill has been told he is iller. All I can think of to say are things that have become clichés, but that guy IS an inspiration. He just lives and deals and carries on, and he will talk about it, he neither ignores it nor wallows in it. One of those rare people that you realise enrich your life.

We moved into the new house on Sunday, now we live here. We have to go and do a final clean of the other house before completion, but our main focus is now on here. We have to start to create order out of chaos.
There are walls to be painted, light fixtures to change, our lives in boxes to sort and put away.
BUT....we have beds, we have sofas, we have food in the fridge and we have cable. And we have birds and blossom.


Karemay said...

Wishing you happiness in your new home.

Schneewittchen said...

Thank-you Karen :)

Sleepy said...

Mazel Tov!

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you in your new home! Dawn