Thursday, 17 April 2008


I have a laisser-faire attitude towards Facebook. Over the past few days however, I have received two 'Friend Requests' from women I have never heard of. Young women, young women seeking either women or men. I smell ...well, let's not worry about what I smell, but something isn't quite kosher in the State of...well, not so much Denmark as Arizona and Illinois.

Alan Shore was on tip-top form on last night's Boston Legal, well, night before last to be honest. I felt exhausted after his closing argument, emotionally drained and yet completely satisfied. Hmmm, sounds a bit like, oh well, never mind. I also liked his referring to the President of Iran as 'I'm mad in a dinner jacket,' much better than my 'mad, bad jihad,' which is of course, good too.

The Nature Park was literally popping with birdlife today. Or pooping maybe, which was great because my friends Beth and Dave visited with their brand new daughter. Dave used to work for the RSPB, so knows a bit about the feathered friends, as does Beth, great for me on my quest to expand my own knowledge. I guess you could argue that it's a bit disappointing therefore that all I can manage is a not very good picture of an American Robin, but heh, robins count.

Which remind me, the rogue apostrophe has arrived here. Oh, let's be honest, it has probably been here for years, but I just looked up yesterday and there was a sign on a shop near Ikea, that announced that it sold 'Beds and Sofa's'. Sofa's what? I wanted to know. Sofa's dumb cousin the chaise lounge? What? What could a sofa possibly own and why is it not stated clearly?

Kevin read out to me yesterday that George Bush foresees greenhouse gas emissions from the US levelling off by 2025. It will be fecking irrelevant by then you complete and utter plonker. If it doesn't drop dramatically NOW, it'll be all over by then. There are amoebae that can understand that. There are muppets made out of cloth and foam that can understand that. Why is Vicky Pollard's less intelligent cousin running a bath let alone a country?

Good bloody grief.


Sleepy said...

There is nothing better that looking at birds with someone who actually knows what the feck they are doing.
Random Rob is my man for this!
He may be random but he knows his Avians.

Schneewittchen said...

It really does bring a new dimension to it. Shame I've never seen that side of Random Rob, but nice to know it's there :)