Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Boats, Bees, Baker

A few crazy days.
Friday night, drove down to Birch Bay, Homeland Security in good spirits and working efficiently. But Birch Bay was cold, teeth chatteringly cold.

Saturday was clear and sunny. We could see Mount Baker in all its gloriousness. It was warm...until it wasn't. I read a book, a brilliant, fascinating book by Canadian author Jane Urquhart whose prose was rich and seductive.

Monday. Off to a good start. Habitat programme in the rain. Said programme involves children pond dipping in the ditch, ditch which has started to resemble the great, grey, green, greasy Limpopo river, all set about by fever trees. Fun, nonetheless.
Then writers' group. East Vancouver, looking down over the city. Late return.

This morning, the return of Betty Bee. Somewhere in the last minute panic, I lost my stinger and the pollen wouldn't stick to the back of my knees. But overall a good first night - well, morning really. Worryingly, after the afternoon performance, a little boy came and said to me,
'Girls are better than boys,'
'Well, not better,' I said, 'in the play, Betty discovered that Darwin the Drone is important too,'
'No, not just bees,' he said, 'humans too, girls are better than boys...' I fear I can hear a whole family background in his utterances.

This evening, we said goodbye to our old house. Tomorrow it will belong to someone else. And this evening also, we said goodbye to my friend's boat. Tomorrow she too (the boat, not the friend), will belong to someone else. My friend sailed round the world on that boat, it was an honour to share her last evening aboard with her.

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