Saturday, 12 April 2008

High WIndows

From our bedroom window.

Today was supposed to be an anomalous 21º and it was certainly warm. I think I nearly fried my eyeballs painting into the sun at midday, but when vision had returned, I was rewarded by the sight of four bald eagles flying low in the sky over our complex. They were just wheeling and enjoying the air currents. Probably keeping an eye out for a birdie snack too, there were plenty of starlings around.

A pressing question, I would say of global importance, is when the hell are Snow Patrol going to release a new album? Well, soon apparently. They are back in the studio this month, although I have no idea how long it takes to record a new album and get it to me. Most likely longer than a week.

The new series of Earl, whilst less annoying than last in that he's no longer in gaol, is nonetheless going to wear me down if they are going to stick with the 'visions in a coma' theme. I mean, not that it isn't good, and amusing it's just that - well, you know, Life on Mars and the last series of the Sopranos and all that.

Back in Blighty, the Pompey branch of the Schneewittchen tree are having their Easter holiday. A strange and yet understandable concept. The French have been known to do this, time their Easter holidays outside of Easter, the British, well, probably never before.


Sleepy said...

Is there another word you can use other than "Complex"?
It makes it sound like you have been Sectioned or are in Assisted Living!

Schneewittchen said...

It's kinda like a bit of both really ;)

Sleepy said...

Are you allowed to hang your washing out?