Wednesday, 23 April 2008

St George's Day

On this St. George's Day - too early for roses to actually be in bloom - the following cheesed or pleased me...


  • Hillary winning the Pennsylvania primary.
  • Hearing the song of the white-crowned sparrow and seeing it after Kris had just described the bird to me.
  • A Canadian company investing in recycling nappies in the UK into plastic cladding and roof tiles.
  • Irish playwright Frank McGuiness finishing translating the whole of Ibsen. God bless him, it took him 20 years.
  • An article sent by one of my fellow 'Dashers, about how trees are to be valued in London.


  • Mayhem not supporting its teachers by closing when one of the unions has called its first national strike since 1987.
  • A UK judge handing a two-year gaol sentence to a man convicted of raping a ten year-old girl. The same judge has a horrific roll-call of misogynistic sentencing.
  • Canadian Brenda Martin being wrongfully sentenced to five years imprisonment in Mexico.
  • Doesn't have too much of an impact on me, but since hockey affects everyone in Canada, ergo it must affect me, the unpopular appointment of the new Canucks' manager.

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