Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Glottal Stop

I wonder how it'll all work out. I mean, we ARE a global village now. A global village that some of us are trashing. And it looks as though there is no way back. Some of our efforts are making things worse. When push comes to shove, will we share, or will it be everyone for themselves? How much do we ACTUALLY care that the staple food of India and China is becoming too expensive for the ordinary citizens of those countries? If it's them or us will we suddenly lose all our empathy?
It bothers me, it honestly bothers me.

On a more mundane note, Tracy Ullman's State of the Union is really growing on me. But there is a problem. Tracy's David Beckham is entertaining. Yes, that IS the problem, Tracy Ullman's Beckham has character, he has personality, Ullman is misleading me into thinking that the REAL DB does too.

On Friday, Canadian Karen goes to Cuba. I'm understandably worried that CK will succeed where Michael Moore failed, and be invited into Gitmo. At the very least, consult Cuban doctors CK, they are clearly more competent than any anywhere else in the world.

In the Guardian, Zoe Williams tries to awake the sleeping citizens of London from their enchanted dream. Boris Johnson, or as we like to call him, BJ, and his candidacy for Mayor has been an amusing little game, but seriously, it has to stop now before someone or some capital city gets hurt.
Le''s keep i' real, ai? ( What punctuation mark should be used to denote a glottal stop?)


Anonymous said...

I think you have to be a Muslim man to be invited into Gitmo.I believe I shall get through the racial profiling.
- Karen

Anonymous said...

Also of course, Americans aren't allowed any in Cuba but Gitmo. Doesn't stop them from sneaking in through Cuba.
- Karen

Sleepy said...

They sneak in to Gitmo via Cuba?
I'm reading the wrong papers.

According to the Cunning Linguist in Wiltshire, the apostrophe can denote the glottal stop.

Schneewittchen said...

That would of course make sense...I hear the dungeons there are to die for....

Anonymous said...

oops, through Jamaica.

Sleepy said...

And the Septics always claim coersion is ever used.