Thursday, 10 April 2008

Our House

Hummingbird. In a tree.

Well, despite my crowing about my walk to work, I narrowly missed death today or some causal connection with someone else's. I do have a road to cross - but...there is a crossing light. The light changes to a white person and I cross. But Gail rightly pointed out, I am one of only three people in Richmond who walk to work, and one of the other two is Kevin, so the denizens and mad drivers of same, have difficulty recognising that a red traffic light, coupled with a crossing light, means you have to stop.
Light went white, I started to cross, but only three cars had gone through after the traffic light had changed, so plenty more were expecting to. Fortunately, she saw me and stopped, which caused mass road rage and screaming horns at the intersection.
Oh Sleepy, where are thou when I need you?

The house is about seven years old and neither of the previous occupants have attempted to change the original builders' paint colour, which was a sort of mushroom throughout. Oh yes, taupe is the new magnolia.
I'm sure it had a kind of drab elegance in its day.
With furniture removed we can see that previous owners have had several attempts to match the colour to cover up some botch up or another. And the paint is cheap though not cheerful, so it drinks up anything that goes on top of it. But it's fun to watch it change. I am loving what we have done already.

There is an evil toy however, yes, I did say evil toy. Long have I pined for a bathtub in which I can actually take a bath. The standard basic fitting here is a shallow trough. A relaxing soak is not a possibility.
And yet I have adapted, and come to realise that my previous bath habit, whilst allowing me to avoid therapy, is a bad one from an environmental point if view. So I stopped pining and resigned myself to showers and a distant promise that one day, when we had another house, we'd fit a new bath.
But the new house has a bath. It has a sloping back that you can lie against, it is not shallow, you can fill it so that it covers your body. In short, it is a real bath.
But there is more.
The bath has a powerful jacuzzi function, so you can lie in it and use even more electricity. Muahahahahaha.
Naturally I will use my toy wisely. And sparingly. It's almost, almost enough to just know it's there.


Sleepy said...

Oh mate! You know I'd come and abuse road users for you in a second!
Get an Air Horn, when they start honking stop in the middle of the road, give them a blast and a "and your point' look.
Then move like you can't make your mind up which way to go.
Just as the lights change against them, move across the road.

Schneewittchen said...

Hahaha!!! It's a plan I could not only put into practice, but embellish too!

Sleepy said...

Go for it!