Friday, 4 April 2008

Comfort Zone

The move continues. The old house is almost bare now, but the beds are still here and the TV and internet, the essentials of life.
Slowly, but surely our lives change venue. The comfortable things have gone, dismantled, displaced. The new creation begins.

One of my all-time favourite - and comforting - comedies, was the Aussie series, 'Kath and Kim'. There was something about the Australianess of it all, Kath saying, 'Look and me, look at me, look at muyyyy.'
And now it seems there is to be a US version of it. When they make their crappy versions of good shows, why the frell can't they call them something else?
This week we recorded and watched the new Tracy Ullman show, 'State of the Union'. It was billed as the same format as Little Britain. Was it heck as like. I love Ullman's work, and there was something hypnotically watchable about it, about her, but it didn't deliver the belly laugh that Little Britain does, nor the toe curling realisation that you're seeing your own worst habits writ large.

The Canucks are out of the playoffs. Shucks. Global warming I expect.


Karemay said...

I can't believe how quickly your move has all gone through.I think a few lessons could be learn't here/

Sleepy said...

Just as I remember the postal address of your old place....

Schneewittchen said...

I can't believe it myself Karen, and the new addy will be easier to remember Sleepy :)