Friday, 18 April 2008

Stormy Weather

Cooper's hawk, creator of the nest.

Birds can have a sardonic sense of humour. I delivered my poo sample to the lab this morning before work. When I drove off, a bird dropped a triple load of ploppy on the windscreen. D'oh!

The weather has a strong sense of irony. This morning, despite the arctic feel outdoors, Alex Y and I presented our puppet show, 'Signs of Spring' and then talked about same. Then my eye was caught by the snow flying past the window.
Now we have hail. And thunder.

Our friends to the south have experienced earthquake tremors. Well, not quite correct, one good friend and the son of another to the south have felt them today.

I notice that in the Olympic spirit of friendship and co-operation, the Chinese, bless them, are sending a big old shipload of weapons to that nice Mr. Mugabe in Zimbabwe. How kind of them. The shadow foreign secretary in Britain is concerned that China may be seen in a poor light internationally because of this.
Yes, because it had such a spotless reputation beforehand.

It's Friday night. I've had my Indian food.

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