Saturday, 21 June 2008


And...we're here. A flight from Texas arrived around the same time. Standing behind us in the queue for UK and EU passport control were a (I presume) father and daughter. Daughter was saying how she thought they were in the wrong line and father replied that it was right because it said UK passports and they were coming into the UK.
Later, as I went to buy coffee, someone from (presumably) the same flight was ahead of me in the queue.
'Water,' she said. Just that, no more, no please, no thank-you. The person behind me did the same thing. No manners. WHo would want to be in the hospitality indistry at an aiport?

I'm jetlagged and need to sleep.


Sleepy said...

You know the drill.
Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Have a blissful adventure! Dawn