Sunday, 1 June 2008

Banana Slug

The idea behind Slugfest was to inform people about how slugs are recyclers. The problem, the slug if you will, in the ointment, is that invasive species are a little overenthusiastic in their recycling of living gardens.

The banana slug is native here and is only ever found in woodland. They recycle dead plant matter and animal scat.

The slugs that do the damage, are the European garden slug and the milky slug. They will both eat living plants and hang out in people's gardens.

So basically, we're on a hiding to nothing.

Summer - which I appreciate it isn't yet, always strikes me as the dirtiest time of year - in the literal sense. You have most skin exposed and then cover it in protective creme, which attracts all kinds of dirt and small bugs all day, not to mention sweat, just to experience a great sense of relief when you get home and can shower it off.

Although the weather forecast predicted rain today, it was sunny when I went out, so I put sunscreen on my face, and then when dressed, sunscreen above my neckline. I must have missed a swathe though, since I now have a stripe across my collarbones.


Sleepy said...

Superb photo!
Try it in B/W, I bet it'll look brilliant.
Frame it up for the centre where you work.
Stick a $20 ticket on it and make some money for them!

Ta Da!

Schneewittchen said...

Sadly, I don't have the technology, I stole that one from Google images. It does look like a lot of banana slugs I know though!