Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Can't be done mate....

Very long day today, late meeting and all.

Last night I was excited to discover that two of my favourite gays, Colin and Justin, had followed me to Canada and were now improving the decorating of another nation. And they did splendidly as ever. I don't always like what C&J come up with, but I can see it has style.

It was funny to notice how they treated their workers. On the British shows, they ask for something impossible and the builders shake their heads, pull the full Gordon Ramsey, swear some more, just for luck and tell them there is abso-bloody-lutely no way it can be done. Then they all piss and moan about C&J behind their backs, but of course to the camera, then they do the thing that couldn't possibly be done.

On the Canadian show, the contractors look at them with a hurt expression. Then they think about it and say it can't be done. They shake their heads sorrowfully, they really WANT to be able to do it, but, no. Well maybe. Well, ok, they'll do it. And then they don't, at least not by the deadline.

Kev's down in the States for a couple of days.

Talking of the States, I'm not. My fingers are in my ears and I'm going, 'Lalalalalala,' so don't EVEN GO THERE!!!! You KNOW what I'm talking about.


Sleepy said...

Colin and Justin have got to be just about the most slappable poofters on earth.
I can't watch them!

Schneewittchen said...

I know, but I can't help myself, I just love 'em with all their poofteriness. I think if I met them irl, I would end up slapping them.
Oddly, this week their 'victims' were a lesbian couple and Justin made the comment that he and Colin didn't usually get on with lesbians.

Sleepy said...

The feeling is definitely mutual!

You know how I am with 'Screaming Queens'.... *Shudder*