Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Second Life

Housekeeping. Like the different voltage and plugs thing. On Sunday, I feared I might not be able to use the computer I'd lugged all this way - well, lugged is maybe an overstatement.
The North American to British adapter didn't seem to be working and attempts to find that way round had proved fruitless. But we did, in the end and Kevin attached a UK plug to the transformer on my notebook, so it was all on again.

Canadians, as I have oft stated before, are real foodies and great cooks. Britons are not known for their culinary skills, and yet when I am here, I am surrounded by Brits who can REALLY cook.

But the main difference to me is that when I'm here, I can be a good cook thanks to Sainsburys, Waitrose, Marks and Sparks.

Wandering around Waitrose today, we were shopping for Kev's cooking, but I had to stop myself buying everything in sight.
The gourmandise of the British people is here in the supermarkets.

I'm having my accent MOT-ed. Probably needs a bit of polishing.
And English vocabulary. Funny hearing ladybirds called that again, and woodlice. Cinema, pudding, mobile phone.

Today we looked after Teddy and Ellie while Sue took Holly to visit her new infant school. We watched a bizarre CBeebies programme called 'The Night Garden', narrated by Derek Jacobi. Odd to hear one of the greats saying words like 'Pontypines' and 'Iggle-piggle'.

The cleaning lady quizzed me about racism in Canada, her son wants to work there. I said I didn't think we had it, but I knew I was wrong. She's Colombian I think, so I'm not sure I understood the question, aren't we the same race, just different nationalities?

Everything is so familiar in both places.
It's like I have two lives.

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