Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Shepherd's Delight

One's in focus, but the other one has the colour right.
Bit of Shepherd's Delight.

We have had a half an hour of sunny delight this avo but then it clouded over again. And sprinkled a touche.

Sleepy sent me a brilliant link. Even though it's the Independent, which is the journalistic equivalent of the relative with dementia. Andy Gill says everything I always felt about Coldplay, he just says it in print and with great eloquence. seems we can't eat tomatoes from the US, which is good for BC, homegrowns don't have infected poo thrown on them. So we should be happy.
But no.
Because our biggest crop, our $1 billion one, is apparently rotting in the fields because of the rain. Well, maybe not the fields exactly, I'm not sure where the outside cultivation of BC bud goes on, and I guess it won't bring the Provincial government to its knees through loss of revenue.
Of course, they might want to stop and scratch their heads and wonder how much revenue they are losing by not allowing that billion dollar crop to be legal.

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