Friday, 27 June 2008


I must humbly apologise to the UK hospitality industry.
Le Café Rouge in Chichester turns out to have service that puts all else to shame, not to mention a great menu, premises and decor. And the staff were not only polite without being obtrusive, but well-presented too. Top marks.

The sun seemed to be largely absent today, but the temperature was warm throughout the day, hovering at a comfortable 20.
I hung washing on the line. Fab.

We took the kids to Staunton Park which seemed to be not far from if not actually IN one of the worst council housing estates on the planet, Leigh Park. It was a country park with farmyard animals and various gardens, plus a maze. The children seemed to be overly scared of the chickens, and especially the turkey, but completely unafraid of the evil-looking goats with big curly horns and eyes with horizontal pupils, making them look like X-Files material.

Kevin woke up feeling, if anything, worse, but a super migraine-strength horsepill seemed to temporarily stem the fever.

I feel the news that the lamb has arrived at Simmi's may have helped.
Austen also is partial to lamb and was pointing to them in their pens and telling the children they were dinner.
My dad would SO have done that too.


Sleepy said...

The lamb is now stuffed with chillies, ginger, coriander seeds, rosemary, thyme and garlic!
It is now happily marinanding it's little socks off in the fridge!

Gail said...

oooh, just gave me a perfect segue to a Lily story.

The other day, we had beercan chicken on the barbecue (so it was standing up). She pointed to it, exclaimed "monkey" and then made monkey noises and gestures. We didn't correct her and she enjoyed her monkey immensely.

She is a carnivore of the highest order.

BTW, love the pic of you with the youngest grandchild :)

Sleepy said...

I used to get my sister's kids to shout the 'sauce' that went with the animal at them.
"Kids, look lambs. What do we say to lambs?"

Schneewittchen said...

Hmmm....I wonder what Gail and Ross would train Lily to shout at monkeys in the zoo then, maybe 'Beer!' which could be...doubly entertaining.

Sleepy said...

"OI! Cousin Louie, stick this up yer arse for us!"

Then she could lob it the beer can.