Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Iron..or rather Titanium

'L'enfer c'est les autres,' - too bloody right Jean-Paul Sartre mate.

Last night, we went to see 'Iron Man'. Although it is almost at the end of its run and it was a Tuesday evening - I bet that more people die on a Tuesday than any other day but wha'ever - we were not the only people in the cinema. Well, we were, but then we weren't any longer.

Some twenty-somethings insisted on sitting next to us and one of them was the most annoying person I have EVER sat next to during a film. It was as though she had some kind of special cinematic Tourettes. She kept exclaiming, squealing and sighing throughout the movie. At some point, a big discussion occurred and one friend was sent to get supplies. She got up and just stood there. Not a word, no, 'would you excuse me please,' just stood there.

The film had good FX. It was interesting, I wasn't bored. I wasn't even vaguely happy about the role women played in it, but hey, just because women are over 50% of the population doesn't mean to say we can't be demeaned at every turn and after all - there was I, paying good money to see women being shown as stupid airheaded cretins. (Don't even go there with your accusations of tautology). Oh, and yes, I didn't actually pay either, we had free passes, but that's not the point.

Robert Downey Junior was - well, full-on.
Gwyneth Paltrow was as insipid as ever.
Strangely, Jeff Bridges as the evil villain (I said don't mention tautology) didn't even have a hint of an English accent. I said, good FX and the screenplay was certainly miles better than anything George Lucas can produce.

Of course, the SECOND the film ended, the pillocks were standing again, waiting to be let out.
'I suppose you mean, "Excuse me please," ' I said and they looked stunned, as though I'd actually done what I wanted to do and kicked them all in the ankles, pushing them tumbling over the seats in front.
And an RP English accent always sounds so snotty over here.
I must work on my Mockney. I'm sure I could be more vicious if I adopted a Bow Bells spit.

Oh well. I was rewarded for my annoying habit of watching all the credits. There was a scene at the end that only about a dozen of us saw.

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