Saturday, 14 June 2008

Strawberry Tea

I have had a brace of church -related engage - ments, book group last night, which went on until almost eleven, at which time I left, everyone else seemed to be going strong, and a strawberry tea this afternoon, which was like Wimbledon without the tennis. Ideal then.

Kevin spent the afternoon making ribs for Laurence and me, superb, and then we decided to go to the cinema to watch Iron Man. Sadly, the rest of the population seemed to be there too, largely line up outside, goodness knows what that was about, maybe the Incredible Hulk, maybe Kung-Fu panda, hey, I'd watch a cartoon panda that was really Jack Black.
In any case, we didn't stick around, we came home and watched a couple of films we'd recorded earlier.

The first one was last year's hit, Juno. We both found this a really engaging film, the characters were all so well drawn, the relationships brilliantly observed. Several people had told us that the dialogue was very slangy and not easy to follow, but we really didn't find it a problem at all. It was a masterpiece, like reading a well-written book.

The second one was an older film, 'Winter Passing' with Zooey Deschanel, sister of Bones, and Ed Harris. Will Ferrell was also in it and it was likewise, engaging, a look at the lives of a dysfunctional father-daughter relationship.


Anonymous said...

I didn't like Juno and nor did Roma, who I happened to go with. The popcorn was good but a tad dry and that is where I found out that Roma loves loves popcorn. good to know.
- Karen

Schneewittchen said...

I also love popcorn, but I don't eat it at the cinema because it annoys other people and because, well, I just don't need to.