Thursday, 12 June 2008

Number 16

A perfect late spring afternoon. Sunny, but not too hot.
The Park was popping with beasties; snakes, turtles, frogs and tadpoles galore, hummingbirds, finches, waxwings.

We had a school from East Vancouver in all day. So I got to teach First Nations youngsters about their own people's use of Native Plants.
They didn't seem to mind, the only thing that one boy had a problem with was my pronunciation of 'vitamins'. I asked him whether he'd correct the Queen if she came to visit and he thought maybe not.

As inner cities go, Vancouver is rather a green one, but the children didn't seem to go very far, so it was rewarding to witness their excitement at the forest, the spongy peat-bog and the pond.

The big news here this week, after the weather, has been the retirement announcement of Vancouver Canuck, Trevor Linden (Number 16). He is a hockey legend and he just seems like an all-round nice guy, a proper Canadian.

I wanted to buy something from the Jesus shop. Oddly, what I wanted was kept under the counter. Puzzling.

The actual idea that there is an Independent Schools Council doesn't particularly worry me. And the fact that they decide after only seven weeks, to get rid of their Top Cat doesn't really show up on my radar. But I go all meercat when I see that one of his embarrassing little outbursts was when he said that some state school pupils are unteachable and their parents are ignorant. Because he was bloody spot on with that one! It needed to be said by someone up the ladder somewhere.

So the African leaders think Obama might be worse than the whiteys huh. Well here's a thought. Maybe anyone's colour isn't really an issue. Perhaps white people and black people are just people. Oh...except Obama pretty much ran on that ticket thanks to the other O.

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