Sunday, 15 June 2008


Picture is Christopher Bolton from 'Rent-a-Goalie'. Courtesy of someone I guess.

One of the things that yesterday's strawberry tea involved was cake. Now, I don't enjoy cake and sometime in the past little while, I have finally admitted this.

It's oddly difficult to say that you don't like cake, because you are supposed to like it, it is expected to give tastebud satisfaction.
Cake is given and served for celebrations, for a treat. So it's being a party pooper to say,
'Well, actually, I'm not that fussed..' And that's the bottom line. I don't DISlike it in the way that I dislike some other things, but I don't enjoy it. And since flour products can cause me tummy problems, to just eat it because it seems rude or pissy not to, has a price.

Here, because we have places that sell a huge range of doughnuts, you can even get doughnuts that are really cake instead of dough. This particularly annoys me. You expect something with the texture of bread, what you get is something cakey. It doesn't annoy me too often though, since doughnut eating is relatively rare and comes at the same floury price.

Cake is also the name of the owner of 'Rent-a-goalie' in the comedy of the same name. That, as you know, I love. I admire Cake's management style. I like the way he handles O'Malley, wrangles the goalies, yearns for Francesca. I like that his best friend is Goth-Girl, who isn't a Goth.

I did like the Skoda cake advert though, very cleverly done, I just never wanted to eat it.

I did, naturally, like the track by Cake, 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket.'
Like? I meant love.

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