Sunday, 29 June 2008

Last Train

The roller-coaster trip got me up for church, seemed early until Sleepy told me she made it to 8.30 Mass. We rolled home from hers at getting on for 2, at that hour you might think Pompey slept, but oh no, Rue Albert was just throbbing with pent-up emotions. People breaking up in the middle of the street, sitting on the pavement doing god knows what and generally being loud and lively post witching-hour.

This afternoon, we saw my cousin and his family, whom I realised I hadn't seen since Holly's christening. Odd how time passes.
Ben was down for the afternoon but has missed the last train back, so he has to get up at five to get back up to Surrey and work.

In the evening, Sue and I went to a Taizé service at the Cathedral. It was quite extraordinarily emotional and beautiful. It started at 20.00, which suited us, we had spent all afternoon eating, but it's dinner time for many Europeans, so the silence was puntuated by tummies rumbling. It was an incredible experience though.

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