Monday, 22 September 2008

Alex and Seth

I took this photo this morning. How much time have I spent trying to catch a picture of a dragonfly? This one just held there while I took several.

A quarter of an hour before I left work for the airport, my friend turned up and gave me some hairclips with devil's horns attached. Naturally I couldn't not wear them. In Arrivals, no-one batted an eyelid.

On the board, just two flights were in, one from Hong Kong, one from London. I felt I could kinda tell the difference, in general, between one set of passengers and the other. But in Arrivals, you need that ability to tell more differences.
Oddly, passengers kept coming through who were clearly Italian. Italians look...well, Italian. They also speak Italian. Loudly. They kiss. A lot. There was no flight reported from there.

I looked around at those waiting. A Jewish man wearing a Kippah. A Sikh. Not all Sikhs by any means wear turbans here, but this one was. A card carrying member of the sisterhood of girls who do girls. A woman in khaki wearing devil's horns.

Then British passengers coming through. I could tell immediately. The Lads, the way they walk and carry themselves is different from the Frat Boys of North America. The middle-aged Brits, something guarded about their body-language. The elderly, somehow they dress differently.

Then on the monitor I saw Alex and Seth. There they were, finally, and I knew how long before they came out into the hall because I had been tracking people.

It has been over a year since Alex was here. Over that time, things have changed, packed up, been replaced. We've moved house. The car was wrecked when a man in a pickup truck drove into the back of it whilst I was stationery, waiting to turn left, so the car is different. The computer had died, and more recently, the camera.
In the old house, Alex had always had to sleep on the sofa or on a mattress in her brother's room. Now she has her own room.

But it's so, sooooo good to have her here.


Sleepy said...

Great picture!

Kat said...

good times!

and the dragon fly has to be good luck :)

Schneewittchen said...

Yes! I think so too :))