Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Like many people, we have HDTV. This means that the quality of picture on a handful of channels is almost as good as the picture on any cheapo TV set from the supermarket in Europe.
Something to do with the different systems.

The other rubbish thing about TV here is that it is largely seasonal in nature. It all finished with the spring, and it's all coming back for the autumn. Most of the time at Schloss Schnee, we watch recorded programmes and they don't record in HD. So, e being equal to mc Hammer and all that, one plus one makes TV worth watching in HD for a couple of weeks.

There's a downside.

The ads.
When you watch recorded stuff, you can just skip 'em. Watching them at the time scheduled, you get the ads.
At the moment, this is like watching twelve-year-olds fight. The Canadian political parties dissing each other. The American channels have ads for Governor elections, where the candidates diss each other. Is it grown-up stuff? Witty? Clever? Is it 'eck as like. You can seriously hear more intelligent slagging in the average classroom.

Still, things on the scheduling front are looking up. House is back, although I wish bloody Cuddy would get a backbone.
Bones went to London to parody the British, très amusant.
And sweeeeeeet - a new series of Jam and Jerusalem. Why the feck they couldn't show that during the summer, I don't know, it was made last year.

Laurence, Laurence mind, not me, received a card from Ottawa saying that they'd noticed he hadn't registered to vote. It said it in both languages. He can't register of course, not being a citizen, but, you know, details.

I, on the other hand, received an e-mail from 'Always' at Procter and Gamble. This is how it starts,

"Dear Schneewittchen,
Did you ever think your period could be a laughing matter?
Click on the links below to see acclaimed comediennes
Lucy Porter, Wendy Wason and Hils Barker talk about how
we deal with the 'time of the month'.

Your period has never been so funny – we guarantee it."

How cool is that? No? Seriously, no?
I can hardly wait for next month.


Kat said...

The photo is great. I could barely read about the HDTV because I was m..e..s..m..e..r..i..z.e.d.

( maybe it's just bedtime )

I watch HOUSE too and I agree cuddy is annoying and that comming from a marshmallow. ( me )

I decided the only way I could continue to watch HOUSE was to think of it as a comedy.

haha on that email. Clever.

Schneewittchen said...

The photo was taken blind. I'll explain in the next post.