Saturday, 20 September 2008


My house is gleaming. Not for long no doubt. The point of this picture isn't the gleam, it's the new, user-friendly bar stools. Today was a double Ikea day.

I went to fill up with petrol. The price has come down significantly over the past couple of days, plus I had a voucher from Superstore. I paid $14. The person in front of me paid $102. Big 'mini'van with two tiny people in it. They could both have fitted very comfortably into a smart car.

On the way back, I noticed that election boards have sprung up like yesterday's amanitas. If you see hoardings here, you're on the edge of a Reserve, only First Nations are allowed to put up advertising along the roads, but normal rules break down around election time it seems.
Almost the same colour-coding as in Britain, blue for the Tories, but red here is for liberal. Cheeky really.

On TV, an ad for the board game Monopoly. Seriously, do people still play board games? How does it happen? Who agrees to it? I mean we had board games as children, Monopoly and Cluedo on a Sunday afternoon, before 'The Golden Shot' came on TV. Now there is stuff to do on computers. Instead of sitting in front of the gas fire rolling dice with the other members of your family, you could be in your room with the global cyber community. I'm sure we only did it because we had nothing better to do.
Come to think of it, I didn't even subject my own kids to board games.

And then the Top Banana of Maple Leaf Foods. This I greatly admired. Maple Leaf Foods is the company that recently had the spot of unpleasantness involving people dying of Listeria. But fair do's, the company did what they had to do and then told us exactly what the problem had been, what they had done about it and what they had put in place to avoid anything similar in the future. When they reappear, Maple Leaf products are going to be the safest around.


Kat said...

I don't know. Sometimes I think kids these days would have more fun if they had less to do.

? lol

I am thinking in the way of imagination. At least kids are still born with one and use it for awhile.

Nice stools btw.

Schneewittchen said...

Yes, they have amazing skills in many ways.

The stools come with a whole back story, but the bottom line (pun sort of intended) is that the old ones didn't have a back and were too high, making it uncomfortable to eat at the island.

Sleepy said...

Double Dykea!