Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Curling Toes

The moon is on the wane. Is that important? It has to be.

One thing that isn't waning - in its quality - is Boston Legal. First episode of the final series and wham! Alan Shore's closing was stronger than ever. Brilliant, brilliant.

Two nights ago, a blue SUV in Vancouver knocked down and killed a man and hospitalised a woman. The driver has now given herself up. She didn't have a driver's licence. SO far, she hasn't been charged. But you know she will.
I want to know what happens to all the woman killers in Surrey who over-react when they have a row with their wife or mother.

Yesterday, Kevin was reading a report of a piece of research that shows that the pay gap between men and women is less pronounced between women and men who have egalitarian attitudes. Ergo, it is most pronounced between women and men who have what are euphemistically referred to as 'traditional' attitudes, it bigots. So if a man's goals are only money-oriented, then he must be a sexist arsehole in order to achieve his objectives.
Complex issues.

On TV, a presenter who is supposed to be testing and comparing items for a shopping programme keeps referring to the pestle from a pestle and mortar as a 'pes-tle'. My toes are now permanently curled.

What does the waning moon mean? I don't know, but I want to be more aware of it.


Sleepy said...

Pes-tle... Dear Christ..
When are you allowed a gun license there?

Schneewittchen said...

Thank God, I thought I'd slipped into an alternate reality.

It's so good we don't have gun licences because I'd have used it over and over today. I have had this conversation several times,
'Do you know what a pestle and mortar is?'
'How would you say it?'
'Pess'l and mortar,'
'Exactly, GUESS what a presenter said on TV last night...'
'Well it does have a 't','
'Yes, but you don't say it,'
'No, but it's there,'
'But you don't say it, just like in trestle, bustle, wrestle, castle, rustle...'
'Yes, but it is there...'

And I swear I didn't once use the F-word, hit anyone or break any furniture.

Sleepy said...

You have been extraordinarily restrained!
You should tell them it's like the silent 'TWAT!' in idiot!