Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Like a vampire entering a church, I had been invited into the BC Sports Hall of Fame and I entered its gloomy portals. What with having such an amazing sports filter, I thought I might not even be able to see the walls, sort of like that vampire being unable to see her reflection in a mirror. Well, I could and I couldn't. I could literally see them, but my eyes seemed to slide from them as though there were nothing there.
The toilets had an amazingly fierce flush though, and when I mentioned this to my friend Raymond, he blinded me with science by mentioning the Coriolis Effect.
Fortunately, the meeting we were at had nothing to do with sport, so I was troubled no further, although on the way back, Jo and I found ourselves inexplicably standing in the lobby of the Government of Canada offices instead of the car park.

The picture from this morning may not be great, but it was taken blind at seven - and clearly through the bugscreen. My trusty Kodak that I keep in my bag at all times, gave up the ghost on Saturday. It can still take pictures, but I can't see them during the taking thereof. It was loved, and yet abused. I loved it more as it became more dented and scraped, but causality is causality (unless you believe Hume, in which case it is nothing more than constantly conjoined contiguous events) and I was obliged to visit Best Buy where the staff won't try and sell you something you don't want because they're not on commission apparently. Indeed, they sold me what I did want and then a three year warranty. They told me this was free, but it turned out they reduced the price of the camera by the amount of the warranty. Sleight of cash register.

At eight thirty, Jo and I were standing in the car park outside the Nature House, contemplating a huge ghost moon in the sky.
Now I wonder if it was connected with Kat's Harvest Moon.


Anonymous said...

My Kodak did the exact same thing - stopped showing the picture. Soon after, it died completely.
Sad. Now I have a Canon and while it's supposedly better, it's more confusing to use and therefore my pictures don't look as good as they did with the Kodak.
- Karen

Schneewittchen said...

Hopefully, my new free three-year warranty will help, by then I'll want to upgrade.

Kat said...

It's still an outstanding photo.

Schneewittchen said...

Thanks. I walked past the window and just wanted to photograph this beautiful sunrise, but somehow can never quite capture the magnificence of it.