Friday, 19 September 2008


Comfort food Friday evening. Mashed potato. Marmite. The weather is getting colder and we are forecast rain for the weekend.

What a bizarre week. Not particularly for me, although there have been some moments. But the financial markets, the gas prices, the amanitas suddenly appearing.

Amanita Muscaria. The great thing about having a blog, an online diary, is that you can find out easily when you wrote about the same thing last year. Well last year's entry about Amanitas was 6th October. They have just popped up everywhere this week.

This weekend will be the opposite of spring cleaning. Huh, no, that would be autumn dirtying. This weekend will be deep cleaning. For autumn. For Alex and Seth's arrival. For my sanity. I do find it therapeutic. The place is tidy enough, so the energy is flowing, thus it should be easy to get on with the scrubbing and sweeping.

Thank the Goddess it's Friday.


Kat said...

I grew up stomping around Silver Creek Falls yet I have never seen that particular shroom.

Sleepy said...

Liberty Caps where I was this week!

Schneewittchen said...

That surprises me Kat, Oregon, Washington and BC are usually all lumped together in field guides and such like. They are supposed to be associated with Birch, but I usually see them under Western Hemlock.

Sleepy, this surprises me not. Was Random there?

Sleepy said...

Nope, it was a Random free trip, in all senses of the word!