Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Joining In

The world is changing. Not just because the trees are losing their leaves, the days are getting ever shorter and the temperature is (soon) cooling down - although all of that is exciting - but because Rome is burning.

I had to go down to the Ferry terminal to pick up Alex and Seth who were returning from Vancouver Island. There is a sign at the drop-off zone, warning you that you can be there for no more than three minutes and that it is strictly enforced. It isn't. A whole slew of cars were there for over twenty minutes and not a peep from anyone.

I have kind of come to accept the randomness of enforcement here, but in Britain, I expect more consistency. Thus I was rather disappointed to read that the minimum wage of £5.73 an hour is now going to be rigorously applied and those who don't pay the proper wage will be prosecuted.

I was shocked that this was not already the case.

But my faith was restored upon reading that the Dunkirk spirit still lives. It is a great and wondrous thing that the government has declared that everyone should cut down the amount of meat and dairy eaten, likewise foods of little nutritional value such as snack foods.
This was how the war was won.
This is how Rome will be dampened.
I for one, will be joining in.

And a big Happy Birthday to my dear friend Dawn!

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