Monday, 29 September 2008

View from Heaven

From one mountain to another. Today, I drove to Grouse and we set out our stall, in the most literal sense, for the Field Trip Fair. And we dressed up as witches.
Because of some freakishly freakish freak weather system, it was hotter up the mountain than down below. It was even hotter wearing black clothes on top of our regular ones, and hotter still wearing thick, green makeup.
You know the score.

There was a day - a disturbing, vile day - when 'Paki bashing' was de rigeur.
At the weekend, two young men, walking along Davie Street, hand-in-hand, were attacked by a group of Asians, not necessarily Pakistanis, more likely Indians, and yet amongst the 'paki-bashing' crowd, such a distinction is meaningless.
Davie Street is generally acknowledged as the main street in Vancouver where gay men .... might be seen walking hand-in-hand.
So a group of men who, in the past might have been the targets for bashing, shout homophobic abuse and attack another group of men.
And apparently the gay community is outraged. Surely the community per se should be outraged.

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