Thursday, 18 September 2008


Queen are beginning a tour after releasing a new album. I can't get my head round this.
Queen = Freddie Mercury.
For me.
I suppose.
Somehow, it just seems wrong.

I realised earlier on this week that I had engaged in a Canadian obsession - talking about the price of petrol. I was always amazed at how the price can change every ten minutes. Then there was the whole, 'Will it break a dollar a litre?' discourse. This week I noticed at our local petrol station - albeit not the one I actually use - it was over $1.50.

BC Canadians have to pay at least 20 cents more per litre than anywhere else in the country. Two cents of this can be accounted for by the Province's green tax, and if you were to speak to some of the more challenged citizens, you might be led to think the green tax accounted for the full twenty.

To be fair, a few cents' rise or fall doesn't very much affect our household in the normal run of things, we are winners in the green tax game. The extra tax we are paying in a year doesn't come close to the extra $100 we were given to ensure that the tax was fiscally neutral.

We do it to ourselves.
We let it happen.
And then we blame the government.

Happy Birthday Seth lad, looking forward to seeing you Monday.

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