Sunday, 7 September 2008


Blink and another weekend has gone. Flown past without stopping, with nothing to show for it but one painted bathroom and friends visited. Actually, that's quite a lot to show for it really.
Still, I could do with a weekend to get over the weekend.

So our PM, Stephen Harper, has announced a general election for next month. In the run up to the announcement you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone in the country worships him, since he has been on TV ads simpering about how being a father comes first in his life (Family Values, conservative standby) followed by ordinary Canadians saying what a great job he's been doing.

Stephen meanwhile, thinks the upcoming election will be tight and tough. See, here's where I smell disingenuity (the word should be disingenuousness, but I'm making up my own words now and pretending they're pukka). I think he know that in this three-party system, which in truth is a two-party system, because the socialist-ish party is about as likely to win as the liberal party in Britain, the other party have made a peculiar leadership choice so that electing them would be like electing Mr. Blobby. Which....of course could happen. But I think the PM feels pretty confident.

In other Canadian news, the listeria outbreak has been tracked down to dirty slicing blades, see that's what happens when the instruction 'clean it up' just means 'give it a bit of a tidy round'.
Here in BC, workers at a mushroom farm were overcome by noxious fumes. Hmm...them's some mushrooms lads.


Sleepy said...

Mushroom farm and noxious fumes...
Sounds like my dream job!

Kat said...

I googled your PM and I see alot of positive about him. I also watched a youtube video. Some of the titles there were more like the political sniping I am used to :P

Schneewittchen said...

Sleepy - sadly I was a bit too flippant about that, ppl actually died from the noxious fumes :( erk.

Kat - I think he's a gormless twat personally, but the sad thing is - since the liberal party turned down Michael Ignatieff for their leader, there's just no-one out there. And then, what is a liberal party anyway? A party without policies. Sheesh, I don't know what to make of Canadian politics.

Sleepy said...

Do you get a vote?

Schneewittchen said...

Nope. Maybe by the time I get one, there'll be a strong woman candidate to vote for. Or any woman. A useless, pathetic one would still be no worse than the current offerings.