Saturday, 27 September 2008


There are just three words to describe today, 'perfect'. (x3).

We decided to make a trip to Whistler. We had a beautiful early autumn day, as we got closer to the mountains more of the trees were already into their coats of many colours.

We stopped at Squamish for lunch, and also at Whytecliff Park to just admire the splendour of it and scramble up some piles of rocks, and at Shannon Falls to do similar things.

When we got back to Vancouver, we went to the Memmphis Blues diner. Seth was in heaven with the Elvis Platter. All I offer is pictures.


Sleepy said...

Mmmmm Yummers!
Memphis Blues Diner... Excellent memories!

Schneewittchen said...

It just never fails to hit the spot.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful travels beautiful people. It dosn't get better than that.

I'm happy for you. :)


Schneewittchen said...

You are so right Kat! Thanks :)