Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cholesterol and Church

Now we both have high cholesterol - well, obviously we both have for some time, just that now we know it. And here's the skinny - 80% of the cholesterol slurping around in our bodies is nothing to do with diet, it has been made by our bodies. Good cholesterol can scoop up bad cholesterol, and maybe exercise can reduce it, but in general, if, like us, you don't eat burgers and doughnuts every day, then it's the pharmaceutical industry to the rescue.

At church we anticipated trouble. The vicar was advised to hire security. We had a special meeting to discuss the possibility of the church hall being used as a homeless shelter, and not just for extreme weather this year, it will be open every night from December to March. The paper .... sorry, 'paper' said that the locals were restless about this. It encouraged people to come and have their say.

In the event, some of the church's own elderly fretted about needles, but it turns out that last winter's 'clients' were mostly alcoholics rather than needle users, and a man who had assisted at the extreme weather shelter, pointed out that those people would be out there anyway, in people's back gardens, garages, or, like a guy who stayed there this past season, being kicked to death by a horse because he tried to shelter in a barn. If they have needles, they can be left on the streets, in public places, or under supervised conditions in the church hall.

It passed by a two to one vote. More of the church elderly stood up and argued passionately to do what Christians are supposed to do. It was a good thing to be part of.

By coincidence, in the cycle of prayer, we prayed for the Diocese of Portsmouth, and Kenneth, the Bishop.


bozo5 said...

"Christians" displaying Christian values!!! Who would have thought?

Glad the vote went the right way.

We had an application to allow our local pharmacy dispense methadone and it was rejected due to community opposition.

I'd MUCH rather keep my local addict on heroin than methadone.

That way they can break into my home and steal my stuff to sell to get their fix then trundle upto the pharmacy with a prescription.

Small minded idiots.

Schneewittchen said...

Sheesh, yes, I can see their point, I mean, who wants inauthentic addicts in the neighbourhood?

The person who, MANY moons ago, introduced me to Terry Pratchett, was a psychiatrist working at our local residential psychiatric unit (not that such things exist anymore)but he was always lobbying for needle exchanges, methadone programmes and anything that kept the addicts he treated from being pushed into petty crime and living on the street. Those things were pretty radical policies in those days.

Sleepy said...

I think a lot comes down to the perception of an 'Addict'.
People picture dirty looking, unkempt, smelly types.
Of the addicts who go to The Tame Pharmacist for their stuff, 1 is a bit like that.
5 are clean, tidy and hold down jobs. 1 is a student and 1 is a suited, booted middle aged business man.
ALL of them are polite and well-mannered.
They have to take their dose in front of the pharmacist.
TP made it policy in her shop that they are taken into a private room for this. (Not all pharmacies do this)
She also says that every one of them talks of being, 'embarrassed/ashamed of having to do this'.
The drop out rate is low and those who finish the treatment have not fallen off the wagon. (So far! Touch wood and all that!)

Ho Hum.. Just my bit on addicts.