Sunday, 5 July 2009


Frustrating day really.
Arriving at church I was sidetracked into the office to sign stuff. Then I had to do someone else's reading, which I don't mind at all, but I like to be able to re-word beforehand so as to avoid sexist language.
After the service we had a film about Gay and Lesbian Christians. Guess what, the only people who went to see it were those of us who are not homophobic. But it was an interesting film nonetheless.
It followed the lives of some ordinary American families who had been suddenly educated by one of the children in the family coming out. Most of them responded -in the end- admirably, but not before one lesbian daughter had committed suicide.

Leviticus was shouted about a lot by the sort of people who you wouldn't expect to even be able to pronounce a word with more than two syllables, but Leviticus is easily debunked by moving back a couple of verses from the ones condemning homosexuality, to the ones telling us not to plant two seeds in the same place, wear certain fabrics together or eat a whole slew of things that we do eat.

Bishop Desmond Tutu said that it had never occurred to him that God thinks less of him because he is black, or less of a woman than a man, nor less of a homosexual person than a heterosexual.
It was a powerful film and when the lights went back on, everyone was crying.

Back at the Schloss, things were not going well. I turned on the computer and found...nothing. Bugger. Kevin had spent the weekend - if by the weekend you count Thursday and Friday - fixing someone else's laptop, and our entire TV system, and now mine was dead. Fortunately, he resurrected it, but there are odd things that couldn't be retrieved. I only have e-mail from last November and my pictures go up to the same time - many of which I had in fact deleted. Ah well. The important things, my documents, are there.

I spoke to Austen and he pointed out that there would only be two more Sunday phone calls until they are all here. Put like that, only one more Sunday phone call until Ben is here.

The weather breaks tomorrow.

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