Saturday, 11 July 2009


Work expands to fill the time available, no bloody kidding. I haven't been getting through my daily list AND I haven't been lounging around, well, apart from yesterday when I became a lady who lunches with two of my other lunching lady friends.
But more to the point, DIRT expands to fill the time available. The more I clean, the more I see.

And then there's the dirt we make deliberately - compost. I have been caring for my compost. Fussing may be a better word. Eventually it will be tamed. I truly think that if Baboons wish to be considered less evil, or not evil at all, then they should make compost heaps out of their cast-off melon rinds and tend them with reverence. Since these days people seem to be in the extraordinary business of knowing the mind of God, then I think that God would like that.

The sun is shining on rainy Vancouver again. The good part about this (well, aside from being able to sit out on the balcony late into the evening), is that my tomatoes may ripen early, which will be splendid because this coming week, the offspring start to arrive.

Iran, praise be to Allah, has said it will offer a new package of proposals to put to the West - that's us. And to show how sincere they are, their foreign minister, a man, reported back that there were no new messages from the G8. Strictly speaking, he's right, the messages from the G8 were the same as before,
'We're distressed by your whole election fiasco, and stop enriching uranium.'

Here, the evening before last, a light aircraft, carrying two people and blood, nose-dived into a car park not far from Ikea. Fortunate indeed that it was evening, and the 'plane went into an empty car park.
But when you get mostly local news, it seems as though they never follow up on anything. Will we ever find out why it crashed? What's happening with that Russian chap holed up in a church so that Immigration Canada don't deport him?
I think we should be told.

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