Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Just one long whinge about the heat really.
It reminds me of Somerset Maugham plays I used to watch on TV as a kid. Everyone always seemed to be languid from the heat.

The last two days have been hot beyond human endurance. Luckily for us, we were by swimming pools and air-conditioned malls, which we reached by travelling in air-conditioned cars.
Lotus eaters.

The journey down was not fun. The queue to cross the border was two hours, and the temperature was already way too hot. But the Canadian side of the border have the line organised well, so that you move forward in chunks and thus can sit and turn the engine off. Signs remind you to do so.
Still, the border guards at Peace Arch, a spectacular reminder that women are the second sex, 'Uniting Brethren of Two Nations', were on the whole, of pleasant demeanour, and they kindly let us in.

When we got home today, the heat inside the house was almost too much for the ac to handle. The garden was already parched, but we do - unbelievably for July - have one ripe tomato.

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Sleepy said...

I picked 4 ripe tomatoes yesterday.
Total shock!