Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Ben, my youngest is booked on a flight tomorrow. Ben, and travel, what could possibly go wrong?
At two o'clock this morning, I found out.
His passport expired in February.
Phone calls went back and forth for the rest of the night, there were tears - mine - there was frustrated anger - his - and at some point around daybreak for us, there was an appointment made at the London passport office, which is where he'll be tomorrow instead of YVR, but hopefully we'll get him over in the next couple of days.

A friend is flying home to her country of birth today. She is the same age as me, but is facing something huge, something for which she has to be stupendously brave. Her country takes these matters very seriously indeed, no matter how many years have elapsed since it happened.
When her mother died, our friend and her sister, went to the police in their home country, and reported their father's abuse of them when they were young. The details were such that she doesn't want any of her now grown-up children in court with them and thus having to live with the knowledge that she and her sister have.
Two other sisters, also most likely victims, are supporting their father. That beggars belief for me. I can understand an unwillingness to live through it all again - and in public, but to stand up in court and deny it ever happened....

The sun has got her hat on again.
We have seen some ants on the deck, and Kevin has put some ant traps out. The ants, for their part, know that you must avoid these things, so they skirt round them in a big sweep, well done ants, that's what we're trying to do, not kill you, but train you for intellectual greatness.

Tomorrow, I'll re-read this and none of it will make sense, because I feel like Thor and his mighty hammer are living in my head.
I'll bet several of you know this feeling.


Sleepy said...

Ben'll make it!

Good luck to the sisters.
Very brave.

Schneewittchen said...

Dear God I hope so - on both counts.

I'll concentrate my efforts on doing my Dame Evadne, just in case 'circumstances' arise. Maybe Lady Bracknell....?