Saturday, 25 July 2009


Santiago - St. James - St. James's day - Austen's birthday.
Happy Birthday lad.

The Canadian Football match last night - mixed reviews. Some thought it was crap, some thought it was worse than crap.
Back at the ranch, I did an equally crappy job of babysitting. I put them in the bath and then scared the bejaysus out of them by turning the whirlpool on. They all leapt out of the bath and screamed.
Hmmm.. I quietened them down and tried to get them to brush their teeth, that didn't work either. Couldn't get the baby monitor to work, and could only get them to go to sleep by letting them watch TV in their parents' bed.

Tonight we all sat out on the balcony, (with the now working baby monitor) and watched the most incredible thunderstorm. I've certainly never seen anything like it here, and Kevin said he hasn't either.


Sleepy said...

From the photo I take it a bit of Laurence Baiting was part of the day!

Karemay said...

Sounds like Nanna needs more practise:)

Schneewittchen said...

Sleepy - not on the day, but yes, it had to be done :)

Karen - I think I do!

Crisp-e said...

Happy Birthday Austen!

Word ver: pretsel (a virtual snack for A's birthday)

Schneewittchen said...

Ta Crisp-e!